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Sun Aired Bags are unique and patented (US # 4296876) and the distinctive material used in our bags is a certified flame proof woven mesh web that resists punctures and tears. When a tough, rugged, and reliable--yet simple and inexpensive--method to temporarily store clothing is required, the Sun-Aired Bag System can't be beat. Bags of varying sizes and models for other applications are also available in our catalog. Special orders are always welcome.

In addition, Sun-Aired Bag Company carries a complete line of indoor and outdoor sports equipment such as sport accessories, sport nets, and checking accessories with the same solid guarantee that characterizes our bag products. Sun Aired Bag's goal is to meet costumers' needs from clothes storage systems to table tennis nets. Model innovation of our bags and racks has helped institutions with limited and plenty room in their facilities, save space and storage more. References and testimonials are available on request.

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